vanilla sponge wedding cake slice

Cake Flavours

Crowd Pleasers

Victoria Sponge – Sponge cake layered with buttercream and raspberry or strawberry preserve

Madeira – A light but firm cake traditionally served without filling, but a layer of buttercream can be added if desired.

Chocolate – Our dark, moist chocolate cake can be layered with either vanilla or chocolate buttercream.

Traditional Favourites

Rich Fruit – Our signature recipe often converts fruit cake sceptics, “I don’t normally like fruit cake but I loved yours” being a typical comment.

Lemon Drizzle – Flavoured with lemon zest and sprinkled with fresh lemon juice syrup and/or layered with buttercream.

Carrot – Freshly grated carrots in a moist, lightly spiced cake, walnuts optional. Layered with cream cheese topping or buttercream.

Chocolate Fudge – Even richer and more chocolaty than our normal chocolate cake. Optionally layered with chocolate buttercream for the full ‘Death by Chocolate’ experience. Alternatively, raspberry preserve provides a taste counterpoint.

Coffee & Walnut – A family favourite with a flavour combination made in heaven. Layered with buttercream.

Chocolate & Vanilla Marble – Chocolate and vanilla sponge, swirled together in the tin. Optionally layered with buttercream.

Something Different

Lemon and Elderflower – Sponge cake flavoured with lemon zest and elderflower cordial.

Raspberry Milk Chocolate – Sponge flavoured with real raspberry, with Belgian milk chocolate chips. Optionally layered with buttercream.

Lemon Blueberry – Sponge containing fresh lemon zest and mouth-watering blueberries, optionally layered with tangy lemon curd.

Strawberry Cheesecake – Real strawberry sponge, layered with buttercream and cream cheese.

Chocolate Peanut Butter – Our chocolate cake, layered with a peanut butter buttercream.