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Natural Weddings – Natural Cakes

Natural, Green, Organic, Country – when applied to a wedding, all these terms have a slightly different connotation, but sum up a trend towards a less formal look and feel for everything from the cake to the wedding photographs.
an outdoor wedding table in the country

This certainly doesn’t mean sacrificing style though. Many of Devon and Cornwall’s best venues are, not surprisingly, in the most beautiful country and coastal locations. Here it’s possible to style the most stunning natural wedding, with just a little imagination.

From the cake maker’s point of view, it’s a chance to get back to nature, both in terms of the decorative style, what goes on the inside. Organic, locally sourced ingredients could be one element; more natural flavours such as our Lemon Blueberry, or Carrot Cake could be another.
naked cake with berries

On the outside, summer berries and other fruits look and taste great, and fresh flowers make a delightful change to the more traditional sugar flowers. On the subject of flowers, if organic ingredients in the cake are important to you, don’t forget to specify organically grown flowers! You may not be eating them (although edible flowers are available), but they will be in very close proximity to the cake – which you will be eating!
organic flowers on a wedding cake

These organic flowers were supplied and arranged by Cornwall’s Garden Gate Flower Company. The photo is by Taylor & Porter Fine Art Photography, shot at Lantallack Weddings.

Naked, un-iced cakes make a popular choice for natural cakes, but chocolate or textured buttercream icing make a great background for beautiful floral arrangements.

Naked Wedding Cakes – A Guide

Naked, or un-iced cakes are becoming increasingly popular. Here we look at all aspects to choosing the perfect naked cake for your big day!

Naked Cakes are a perfect accompaniment to a more relaxed, rustic, or ‘back to nature’ style wedding. Not everyone likes the sweetness of  traditional icing, and if you are planning to serve your wedding cake as the dessert course, a naked cake makes a particularly good choice. The cakes are often decorated with fresh berries, and these, served with a slice of the cake and some pouring cream, make a simple but delicious dessert.

Top points to consider about naked cakes

  1. If your reception is being held in a marquee in summer, you may want to discuss with your cake maker the effects of temperature on you naked cake.
  2. Always use a cake maker experienced in making these types of cake, and who will deliver and set up the cake themselves, at your venue on the day.  Naked cakes transport better as individual tiers, as there is no icing to ‘stick’ them together. Assembling them is a skilled process!
  3. Fillings will usually be buttercream with the possible addition of a preserve. Fresh cream is not suitable, as it would not support multiple tiers, and would need to be kept refrigerated at all times – not possible when the cake is on display!  If you do have jam in between your cake layers, it will have a tendency to ooze out, and run down the sides of the cake. That’s a look that can be mouth wateringly attractive, but only if you want it to be that way! If you don’t want that look, but still crave the flavor of a quality fruit preserve, there are ways to keep it hidden – ask for advice.
  4. Dry weather will tend to dry the surface of a naked cake, as there is no coating of icing to contain the moisture in the cake.  Drying can be avoided by careful planning of delivery times, and correct packaging during transportation. Recipes can also be adjusted to help keep the cake moist, taking into account factors such as how long the cake will be on display, and the weather forecast.

Choosing to ditch the icing does not mean your cake will lack style or appeal! Browse some examples of naked wedding cakes here.

a naked wedding cake with berries